Sun Whispering Story Photos

What happened is the sun has been talking to me with signs showing up on the images. Sounds crazy but let me show you what I mean.

The first thing I saw was my face, but it was easy to dismiss because it could be anyone and just seeing pattern in chaos.
Then I saw my Name"Mary" that floored me, I knew it was real at this point but still could not convince others because, it could be any Mary.
Then I told my siblings I would put our last name on the sun to prove it. and even though it started to look like a D it turned out to be "Loved" and that is when I knew it was a conversation and not a manifestation.

The next thing was my little Kitty passed away and this is what showed up the very next day.

Then I was telling the story to my friend, that we can talk to the sun and the sun can reply. She was thinking it was a manifestation so she was thinking about an image of a cupcake because it might be easier for the sun. The answer that she got was the logo of the book she had just published called "Thinstead" which is a butterfly.

Next, a day and a half after my friend was convinced to go for it. The Logo of his last name Ferrari is clearly unmistakably visible. I would say this has been consistent and repeatable evidence that our very own sun is a conscious being and not only can communicate with us, but loves us! I am still astounded.

All photos copyright Mary Deioma various years solar images courtesy of NASA SDO.