Loved: A Transcendent Journey

Loved: A Transcendent Journey helps people who are seeking answers to deep questions, people who are suffering and people who want proof of God. Individuals will find validation for their own spiritual experiences.

Its unique advantage is that it presents a non-death NDE that is so deep it is indistinguishable from an actual flat-line NDE. Loved: A Transcendent Journey offers hope for everyone who wants to experience this type of experience without dying.

Loved: A Transcendent Journey reveals a tiny piece of new information that if validated could change the way we understand the universe.

It is an easy yet compelling read which has a broad scope covering the personal, philosophical, mathematical and logical not to mention spiritual.

About Mary

Mary Deioma had a transcendent experience and many out of body experiences where she journeyed through the many levels of heaven and what is called hell. She returned with a deeper understanding of the conscious universe.

Mary grew up in Alliance, Ohio, a small town in the Midwest. She is fifth of eight children. Currently she lives in Orange County, California. She spent most of her adult career as an accounting clerk before her transformation. Now she is an author and public speaker with a personal mission to "share the love and to get the word out that we are divinely loved"

Mary is a member and contributor to the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS.org). She is a frequent speaker at her local IANDS in Orange County and Los Angeles. Mary has also been a speaker in Tucson and Mesa AZ, San Diego, and San Bernardino, CA. She has also spoken at The Life after Life group in Laguna Woods, CA.Mary volunteers as producer and graphic designer for CRS NDE and Soul of Wellness Radio shows so please contact her if you are interested in being a guest for either show. Monday's for NDE 5pm-7pm SOW 7pm-8pm Pacific.

Mary is a Reiki Master and reads playing cards (cartomancy)

Mary is a former volunteer board member for the Learning Light, a metaphysical center.

Mary is also the founder of Sun Whisperers a Facebook page that reports of space weather and solar activity.

 Mary Deioma